What is the reseller program?

The reseller program is a special offer for Web Agencies.
With this program, web agencies can create apps for their customers using the GoodBarber technology.

When you become a GoodBarber reseller, we create what we call an Agency in our database. 
An Agency gathers all of your GoodBarber projects. The first project of the Agency is called the alpha project
The alpha project is used to pay your GoodBarber subscription. This project is the only one which is not white label. 

More information on the reseller program can be found on this page, including pricing:


How can I apply to become a reseller?

If you want to become a reseller, go to Extensions Store > Services > Resellers , and fill in the form with the following information:

1/ Give a Name to your Agency: this name will be seen by your customers
2/ In the drop down menu, choose thealpha project of your Agency: this project will be used for billing purposes
3/ Monthly or Yearly billing: indicate whether you prefer the monthly or the yearly plan.
4/ The billing information for your agency 


Bonus - Download our free step by step manual for getting started selling mobile apps

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