How to add a couponing section

Hello and welcome to your new GoodBarber tutorial! 

Today we will learn how to use a very useful feature for local business: the Couponing add-on.

It allows you to offer discount coupons to your clients. Used for a single business or for a network of businesses, it will allow you to attract new clients, encourage your clients to come back to your app, and thus increase your sales.

To activate it it's always at the same place, but this time, the authentication add-on must be activated beforehand.

After adding the add-on I have the possibility to add a new section from the menu My app > Content > Sections.

I add the Couponing section.

Please note that you can add more than one in your app!

So now I have a new Business menu.

I’ll add my coupons from the menu Business > couponing > my coupons. 

I click on Create a coupon.

I'll start with the coupon title.

The additional information.
Then the validation process

You can choose between two validation processes:
- The activation button, to be preferred in the case of use for physical businesses.
- The coupon code, to be preferred for online shops.
You have the possibility to customize the text of the button and the code.

Terms and conditions
Here you can choose the validity and expiry dates of your coupon, the number of coupons available and the number of uses allowed per client

You also have the possibility to sort your coupons by category. 

Store information
This option gives you the possibility to indicate the name and location of the business to which the coupon you are creating refers.

Coupon design
On this view, you can upload the photo that will illustrate your coupon. 

I’ll quickly design my Couponing section as for all the other sections.


Finally in the menu Business > Couponing > My coupons.

This list allows you to view all your coupons, the business they refer to, the number of coupons used, the status of your coupons (active or in draft) and also to access the statistics page.

That's it! 

Let's see what a coupon looks like on the user side.

Voila you know how to create discount coupons and display them in your app ! 

See you soon for another tutorial ! 

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