How to manage email notifications

Hello and welcome to your GoodBarber back office

Today we’ll learn how to set up the email notifications

Email notifications are or transactional emails are sent to your clients at different stages of their journey. 
These emails can’t be disabled but you can edit their content!

Let’s see how !

Go to the menu Settings > email templates

You’ll find here the list of all transactional emails
- Order confirmation: Automatically sent to clients upon order payment
- Order processed : Automatically sent to clients while the order is processed
- Order canceled: Automatically sent to clients when the order is canceled 
- User account created : automatically sent upon registration
- Reset password: automatically sent when a user request password reset for their account

To change the content of an email, you simply need to click on the email. You then access the email editing part and the preview tool.

Depending on the email chosen, several tokens will be available in the box on the right. Tokens allow recovering of the necessary information to render your email more dynamic. For example, the client’s name or order number. 

So, let’s edit the text, while being careful to not change the syntax of the added token. 

Save and preview.

All done!

To double-check everything, I can send myself a test email by clicking here. 

Voila, you now know how to manage your shop email notifications !

See you soon for another tutorial!

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