How to manage the default email of your shop

Hello and welcome to your GoodBarber back office

Today we’ll learn how to set up your shop default email.

For your shop, you have 2 types of emails that are used in different situations. 

First of all, the Account ID: this is the email address used to create your GoodBarber account and where You’ll receive admin emails from GoodBarber (billing, account management etc)
Please note that if you’re adding new members to your team, their account ID will be the email you used to send them the invite to access the back office. 

To set up if your collaborators will receive admin email from GoodBarber, let’s g to the menu Settings > other settings > Team 

Let’s choose one of my collaborators
I simply need to check the box “administrative notifications” for them to receive GoodBarber emails. 

The account ID is also used to receive the test emails for the set up of email notifications sent to your clients.  

Then the Clients email: this is the email address that will appear as the sender on the emails sent to your clients. 
To set this one up, let’s go to the menu Settings > shop information
Enter the email of your choice in the field Clients email

And save!

Voila, it’s already done!

You now know how to set up the default email of your shop. 

See you soon for another tutorial !

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