With the Zapier add-on, you have the ability to connect your eCommerce app to thousands of other online services. It's the perfect add-on to set up automations without having to code. (You must have an account at to use this add-on)

GoodBarber + Zapier

Connect your app to Zapier and automate operations

Zapier is a tool that helps you automate repetitive tasks between your GoodBarber app and other online services, without any coding. When an event occurs in your app, Zapier can ask an online service to do a particular action, and vice versa. For example, when an order is placed in your GoodBarber app, Zapier can ask Google Sheet to create a new row in a spreadsheet.

Save time with Zaps

Let zaps work for you

A zap is a series of instructions that you define in Zapier to perform predefined tasks. A zap is triggered when a given event (a trigger) occurs in an app. The trigger sends a set of information to Zapier. This information can be used in zaps to perform actions in other online services that are also connected to Zapier.


List of GoodBarber eCommerce triggers that can be used in a zap

Your GoodBarber app automatically notifies Zapier when the following events occur: - new order - new customer - new lead - new abandoned order - new product - new product variant - new promocode - new updated promocode. For example, you could create a zap that adds your new leads' email to a Salesforce campaign.


List of GoodBarber eCommerce actions that can be used in a zap

You can automate the following actions in your GoodBarber app using information collected in Zapier: - update a tracking URL - update the Inventory Quantity of a product variant - send a push notification - find a Collection by ID - find a Product by ID - find a Variant by ID - find an Option by ID. For example, you could create a zap that updates the stock of a product when a row is added to a Google Sheet table.