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3 days @ Salon de la Radio in Paris


On Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, we were in Paris for the French Radio Show (Salon de la Radio) with Jérôme Pietri . It's a major event in France for the radio world, organized by two of our first customers, Philippe Chapot & Frédéric Brulhatour , from La Lettre Pro de la Radio .

If you remember, we already attended this event once, just a year ago.

We had a great time with all the people at the event who visited our booth, existing or future customers :)
We were happy to meet the team of Zinfos974 , coming from La Réunion, which is an old customer of both WMaker and GoodBarber. We met also the team of Remzouille Radio , and some other GoodBarber customers.

The team of Jardin d'Hiver came on Monday, with excellent chocolates as always ;)
There has been a lot of people at the event this year. I participated to a workshop about mobile apps for radios on Sunday, where a lot of radios came to ask questions about the mobile app universe. 
We would like to thanks again Philippe & Frédéric for the organization of this great event. We'll be here next year!

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