4 Myths About Native Applications


Some time ago, we explained all the reasons why native mobile applications are the best. I really believe that their quality speaks for itself and they have nothing else to prove. The majority of individuals involved in the mobile app industry are in agreement that if it's necessary to make a choice between a native app and a web app, a native one is the way to go (luckily GoodBarber offers both, which is the ideal solution!).

While this point is clear, there are still a number of false ideas hovering around native apps. I would like to clear these misconceptions up and do a little myth debunking.  

Myth #1: Native apps are outrageously expensive

This is the most common misconception about native apps—so does it have any truth? Yes, but no—let me explain. You already know that a native app is coded specifically in the language of the device on which it is operating; simply put, this means that if you want both iOS and Android users to use your app, you will need to create a separate, native one for each of these platforms, therefore doubling your production costs. Hence the high price perception.
So if you decide to go through a private developer, and depending on the type of app you want to create reach a price quote of several thousand dollars, it's true that things can get extremely pricy. However, if you consider the possibility of creating the app on your own—regardless of your level of coding knowledge—the financial investment can become significantly more reasonable.

Remember, the price of creating a GoodBarber app includes an iOS, Android, and HTML5 web app version. 

Myth #2: Developing native apps is very complicated

It's true, I can't argue with you on this point—coding an app is not something most people can do on the first try, at least without the proper tools. But wanting to create a native app doesn't mean you have to become a full time IT student.

All you need is a simple, yet powerful app builder that does the dirty work for you, and it doesn't hurt if it pays attention to the aspect of beauty as well! Ugly apps are not a thing here at GoodBarber, you can be sure of that. 

Myth #3: They take too much time

The same arguments apply here as in myth #2, today powerful tools are available to eliminate the time concern. With GoodBarber, you can create an app in under an hour (I tested—it's true!), and if we take into account the time it takes to plan the project, fine-tune the details, and go through the publishing process in the stores, your app can realistically be available in less than a month on both platforms (the App Store and Google Play)!

It doesn't get much quicker than this.

Myth #4: They constantly need updating

It's true that given the fact that native apps are created in the language of the device, operating system updates can impact the usage of the apps, which can therefore result in additional costs in updating the app. However, if you choose to create your app with GoodBarber, you will never have to deal with this type of nuissance, since we take care of updating our system according to the OS need to worry, your app will always be on top of things! 
It's nice to have all of these myths debunked at once, right? Now you have no more excuses for putting of creating your Beautiful App! And if by chance you are still torn between a native app and a web app, don't forget that the cost of a GoodBarber subscription includes both! (native iOS + Android + HTML5)