Alex, the italien guy ;)


Hi everyone!
My name is Alex, I’m an iOS developper, from Genoa (Italy) and I started to work for GoodBarber in September after 2 months of internship.
My passion for the development began when I was in high school. My parents gave me my first iPhone, and since I could not change the background image, I began to do research how to customize my phone. In this way I discovered the jailbreak ... and the rest is history.
Some people know me as MPow in the jailbreak scene, I love to make jailbreak tweaks and apps for iOS.
Right now I'm studying IT at the University of Genova, and I live and work in Ajaccio, for GoodBarber of course.

What am I doing at GoodBarber ?

During my internship I developed the My GoodBarber app, for iOS. Now I joined the team to work on the iOS Beautiful Apps engine.

What’s your job? What’s your hobby? What do you do when you’re not programming?

To answer I need to quote this tweet:
PS: you can find me on twitter @ManzoPower