GoodBarber 3 is Online!


Today, we're proud to present the third version of GoodBarber !

Ever since the beginning of the GoodBarber adventure, we've always had one main objective: offering anyone the possibility to create an application with incomparable design and an amazing user experience. With GoodBarber 3, we're staying true to these principles.

The experience we've gained with previous versions gives us the advantage of being able to continuously improve our product. Nevertheless, every major update of GoodBarber is an occasion for us to question everything we do. With GoodBarber 3, we've moved the goalposts once again by introducing a radically new approach for building an application.

GoodBarber, a Pioneer Among App Builders

For many, the concept of an app builder is no longer completely new. That wasn't yet the case in 2010, when we released our very first app builder . At the time, being able to create a native mobile web application for a cost one hundred times lower than market prices, without coding skills, was extraordinary. GoodBarber really contributed to the democratization mobile app creation, and making their use popular.

In the world of mobile, four years is an eternity. Today, although no one seriously questions the necessity of offering a mobile application to one's audience, a consequence of their widespread use has been that users have raised their quality standards. Today, the real challenge is to present content in the right way, in a way that will really resonate with an audience. GoodBarber 3 was designed to allow our users to give their clients the best user experience possible.

The Art of Creating Beautiful Apps

Function follows form: that's always been our guiding principle here at GoodBarber. And it's thanks to this principle that GoodBarber could build it's reputation. GoodBarber 3 takes this idea even further. 

Everyone who wants to create an app already knows which content they want to add, even before embarking on their project. However, most have difficulties imagining how to present their content in the best possible way. This is something we noticed with practically all of our users. 

GoodBarber offers an answer to this problem. In order to guide you to the right solution, we completely re-designed the build process in the backend. Contrary to a more traditional approach, with GoodBarber 3, the creation of your app starts with the design, to teach the art of designing beautiful apps. A multitude of new tools, all of which will be explained in following articles, were created with this in mind: A preview of themes to find inspiration, a simple, five-step personalization process, contextual navigation, a wizard to help create your app's identity, etc...

Adaptive iPad Application

With GoodBarber 3, you'll benefit from the best iPad application ever built with an app builder. 

All current app builders take the easy way out when it comes to creating an app for tablets. They simply stretch the mobile version. Our developers put in a lot of effort, to make sure that GoodBarber doesn't fall into the same trap, so that with GoodBarber you can create a tablet app worthy of the name.

Our solution? Apply the concept of adaptive design to native applications.

From the backend, the user simultaneously configures the mobile version and the tablet version of the app. Every display mode offered in GoodBarber 3 was designed twice, once for mobile, and once for tablet. This allows us to offer a display that's 100% tailored to the device, by using the greater space available to organize content. This solution also keeps the user from needing to configure the application twice. Both display modes share the same settings, in order to ensure consistency and homogeneity between the mobile version and the tablet version. 

In the new backend, with the preview at the center of the screen, the user can switch between the mobile and tablet version with just one click.

Starting today, you can create a universal iOS application (that's to say iPhone and iPad). By the end of the year, the creation of applications for Android tablets will also be possible.

An App as Your Only Online Presence

With GoodBarber Salvador, in September 2013, we included an all-new feature, the integrated CMS. It allows for the creation of content directly in the GoodBarber backend, relying on an external content management system.

Since then, we've gained a growing number of users who come to GoodBarber to make an app as their sole presence on the web. This tendency confirms the evolution of the web to being primarily mobile, and especially the success of applications. 

That's why we enriched the features of the integrated CMS.

First of all, the new, more ergonomic backend offers a clutter-free and more practical workspace to create content. Now besides adding articles, videos and photos, it's now possible to add audio. Last but not least, the organization of content is much more flexible. The content in the CMS can be assigned to one or more categories, allowing for multiple points of access to the same content in the application.

Already a GoodBarber User? What to Expect

Beginning next Tuesday, we'll begin offering the migration towards GoodBarber 3 for GoodBarber 2 users. An article on the blog will explain how to perform the switch. In the meantime, if you want to see a preview of the new version, simply create an account on .

Apps. Made by You.

It's your turn now. GoodBarber 3 is waiting for you, and we're waiting for your feedback ;-)