GoodBarber spricht Deutsch!


GoodBarber’s back office is now available in German!

Since the release of GoodBarber on November 14th, the Website was already available in English , French , Italian , Spanish and German . At that time, the back office was available in English, French and Italian.
Thanks to a partnership with Viralstream , which oversees GoodBarber’s marketing and support for German-speaking countries, we’ve reached an extensive audience in Germany, Austria, etc. Viralstream’s experiences, in terms of location and being in the heart of the creative and IT networks in Berlin, are strengths that we look forward to turning into success.
If you want to use GoodBarber in German, you can either create your account from the German website and your back office will automatically be generated in German, or you can create your account from another language’s website and then change the language of the back office in Settings > Language settings.