Resellers: 10 tips to create Apple Developer accounts efficiently


As a Reseller GoodBarber, you can create as many apps as you want. These apps can be published on the web (Progressive Web Apps), Android, and iOS. We know that sometimes you have difficulties publishing your clients' apps on the App Store. Nevertheless, publishing an app on iOS is a real added value for your clients. As a mobile expert, you need to know how to publish an app on the App Store.

The GoodBarber team will assist you throughout the process. We've also explained in this blog all the steps to create an Apple Developer Account  and the steps to publish an app on the App Store. We remind you that each new app sent to the App Store with GoodBarber has been checked beforehand by our teams.

But when you're a Reseller, you're not the owner of the "Developer" account, your client who has to be. So you can sometimes find yourself stuck. So here are some tips to make it easier for your clients to create an account, and consequently make the process of publishing iOS apps more fluid.


Why is it important to be present on iOS for your clients?

Push notifications on iOS
The only way to send push notifications to iOS is to publish a native app on the App Store. These notifications are ultra-efficient weapons in building loyalty and relationship with an audience. It can be personalized, and above all, it's part of  "Permission Marketing". The app user has given their consent to receive notifications. The iOS market share is not the main one in the world but it can be in some countries , even in some socio-professional categories.

Brand image
When you sell an app to a client, they pay for the service you provide. But they also pay for the image the app will portray to their customers. Being on iOS is a guarantee of quality and brings notoriety to your client. They'll promote their app on all their advertising channels and show that their company is dynamic and modern. Because the App Store is the most selective store, your client will necessarily see more interest in being referenced there. And of course, their name will appear on the App Store.

Native apps are seamlessly integrated into the end user's smartphone operating system. Therefore, in native apps, it's easier to integrate geolocation functionalities (Geofencing, Maps...). Thanks to native apps, your clients will be able to offer even more personalized services to their users. And if their users are partly iPhone users, they'll have to publish their app on the App Store.

What are the best techniques to create an Apple Account when you are a Reseller?

1/ Basics

Keep in mind that to publish an app, you will have to manage several "platforms" at the same time and they should not be confused. Especially since you are external to the company that owns the Apple account. 

Here are the basics:
=> AppleID:Generic Apple account . Your client must create one if they don't have one already. Only 1 Developer account can be created by AppleID.
=> Apple Developer: This is where your client must actually create their Apple Developer account. This allows them to publish apps on the App Store. From the Apple Developer account, you can manage billing and push certificate updates. 
=> App Store Connect: It's from App Store Connect that you will manage the publications, updates and see the stats of the apps linked to the account. You will also be able to manage a team of users in this section. Your access to the App Store Connect will be generated automatically when your Developer account is created.

2/ Creation of an "Organization" account

Once your client has created their Apple ID (if they haven't already done so), they need to create an Apple Developer account. Here is the direct link to get started:
In most cases, you'll sell apps to companies. We strongly advise you to make them choose the "Organization" account and not the "Individual" account even if it seems simpler. As a reminder, the cost of the Apple Developer account is 99$/year in both cases. Important:  Even if your client is a sole proprietorship or an association, they must create an "Organization" account. First, Apple checks, so they may require you to come back to an "Organization" account later (loss of time guaranteed...). Also, with an "Organization" account, you can be added to the client's Team, which will leave your hands free to manage publications and other updates in the future. This will give you access to App Store Connect and
Note: If your client is an association or a public authority (city hall, region...), they can request a fee waiver for the Developer account. In the case of an association, choose "Non-Profit" and in the case of a public organization, choose "Government Organization". I think your client will be grateful for saving them $99/year ;)

3/ D-U-N-S number

What is the D-U-N-S number required by Apple to create an account? It's simply the 9-digit identification number of your company in the Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) listing. It's an international identification number that Apple relies on to certify clients' Developer accounts. 

If your client does not know their D-U-N-S, simply go to this link to verify:!/search
If their company is listed in the Dun&Bradstreet listing, it will only take a few hours to receive it by return mail.

If the company is not known, your client can get a free listing with D&S . The process can take a few days. The client is advised to provide correct information and to keep available any administrative documents proving the existence of the company if someone from D&S contacts them and asks for clarification. It's best to take the time to follow the process, as this may cause problems in the future.

Once everything has been checked, all you have to do is pay the fee and you'll have access to the Apple Developer account from this address:

4/ Information verification

Apple is very (very...) picky about the information provided in the Developer "Organization" account. It is, therefore, very important to verify the information entered (even if it seems obvious) and above all to provide a "TRUE" phone number. Indeed, your client may receive a phone call from Apple just after the account creation just to verify their identity. They really want to make sure that it's someone within the company that creates the account. If they can't reach the person creating the account, validation can take longer. Important:You can only create 1 Developer account with an AppleID. It is strongly advised not to try to create the "Developer" accounts of your Clients with your own AppleID.

5/ Join the client's team

Once your client's Developer account is created they'll have access to AppStoreConnect:

As mentioned above, AppStoreConnect is used to publish and update apps. As their account is an Organization account, they'll be able to add you to their Team. This way, it will be easier for you to manage publications and updates for them.
Tip: Once you're on your client's team, we recommend that you add the person in charge of publications at GoodBarber to the team. As we need to connect to App Store Connect to publish the app, adding us to the Team will make it easier to access the account for later. Moreover, it will avoid being logged in together in the support for the dual authentication at the time of the first account login, which is never easy. To have the contact information of our team member, just send a message to the support ;)

6/ Opening a Developer Account doesn't guarantee publication

You may have noticed that since the beginning of this article we've only been talking about the Developer account. Indeed, even if it seems tedious, it is imperative to follow our recommendations. First, because it will save you time when you create accounts. But also, once your account is ready, you'll have to move on to the publication of the app. And Apple's "Review" team will re-check the account according to the app you want to publish. That's why it's important not to take the easy way when you create a Developer account (for example by choosing "Individual" when your client is a company...). Because in this case, the app can be rejected because due to a non-compliant account. Guideline 5.2.1 is clear on this subject. And Apple is particularly strict on the notions of ownership.

7/ Think about the future

Even if your app is already on the Store, Apple may reject an update or worse, remove the app from the Store. Of course, this only happens in extreme cases, but under the terms and conditions of sale, Apple reserves the right to do so. That's why the creation of the Develop account may take some time in the beginning but it will save your clients a lot of hassle in the future. When you'll need to make updates, Apple's review team will recheck the app. If they find that they missed an error on the first release, they will not hesitate to report it to you during the update and block the update. 

8/ Do not hesitate to ask for help

As in all automated systems, you generally follow the steps and try to understand by yourself. However, in certain situations, asking for help can save you a few headaches and time. In this case, you can call on Apple's experts.

The support is very efficient and fast. You choose the category and sub-category of your request.
Then you can choose to be contacted by phone or email. It often happens that they call you back within a minute.

These experts are there to help you during the publication but also in the creation of the Apple Developer account. Do not hesitate to contact them.

9/ Help your client to create an account

Let's be honest, many of your clients won't be ready to go through this whole process alone. They may find it long and complex and give up. They'll often ask you for clarification. We advise you to be present when your client creates their account, even via video call. First of all, you know the process and the technological environment better than they do. Moreover, this will allow you to be sure that everything has been respected and therefore save time when you take over the publication process. Finally, by being there for your client during the process, you'll really show that your agency is qualified in apps and your client will value your competence. 

10/ Maintain a dashboard to track your clients' apps.

As we saw, your clients often turn to you because you're a mobile apps expert, but also for the services you offer. Indeed, many of Resellers' clients are not very thorough in the follow-up of publications, app updates, push certificate renewals, etc... They know they can count on you so they probably won't put this on their to-do list. 

We advise you to keep a list of published apps, with versions and publication dates in a Spreadsheet or any other tracking software. Our developers advise updating the apps at least twice a year on the Stores, even if you don't make significant changes. Indeed, platforms fix bugs and make changes constantly in their operating system. To keep your client's app within the standards of the Stores, and to avoid bugs, regular updates are essential. If the app malfunctions, your client will not be happy. This is why, thanks to your dashboard, you will avoid bad experiences.


We often write about apps publications on iOS. But we find it essential because it regularly creates some apprehension among our clients. This is why we try to be as informative as possible. Indeed, there are sometimes obstacles, but most of the time, if you follow the given steps correctly, it all goes well. One last piece of advice is to try not to do everything at the last minute. As we've seen, you can start asking your clients to create Apple Developer accounts, even before the app is finished. This will be one less thing to worry about when the app is actually published. And of course, more than 30,000 apps have been created with GoodBarber, so we know the mobile world inside out. So don't hesitate to contact the Support Team at any time from your Back-Office. They are experts, they will guide you in the best way to facilitate the publication of your Apps.

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