The growing market of B2B mobile apps


The increasing demand for B2B mobile applications is clear, as shown by Asset Global's report which predicts the market value to reach $140 billion in 2023. This is largely due to the easy accessibility of smartphones and other mobile devices, which many business team workers, customers, and stakeholders use to manage their day-to-day tasks. There are various ways businesses can take advantage of this technology by creating practical applications to make their work easier and more efficient. 

What are B2B mobile apps?

B2B apps are important tools to streamline and enhance business operations. By deploying such applications, companies can reduce customer service costs as well as increase their sales profits. Depending on the needs of an enterprise, B2B apps may be structured in a simpler or more complex manner. Simple apps allow resources to be shared between contractors, while apps with a more complex structure can integrate with existing information systems.

The B2B app market is extremely diverse, offering solutions for various use cases. From industry-specific apps designed to streamline workflows to internal business tools that automate processes, there's something for everyone. Popular B2B apps like Asana and Salesforce Mobile App exist in order to solve or address business pain points. Meanwhile, some e-commerce B2B apps are specifically built for wholesalers and other special use cases. All of these apps can be categorized as B2B as long as they are marketed towards businesses or corporate users instead of general consumers. 

5 benefits of B2B mobile apps

If you are a business that deals with other businesses and sells your products and services directly to them rather than the public, this post is for you.
Among multiple advantages, we have selected the most trending and top benefits of b2b apps for your business. 
Multi-Channel Sales Approach
The multi-channel sales approach of B2B eCommerce mobile applications can be immensely beneficial for businesses. This approach increases the growth potential of a business, ensuring it's conducted faster and more effectively. It also clears the way for HR operations, such as onboarding, internal training, payroll handling, and other related tasks. Thanks to these apps, retailers now have an easier time placing orders: they can easily compare products while browsing them and place orders via their phones too.
Customer Engagement
Business-to-business mobile commerce apps are essential for businesses looking to build long-term relationships with customers and improve customer loyalty. B2B eCommerce mobile apps allow businesses to better understand their clients, their demands, and their requirements. Further, increased customer engagement leads to greater revenue generation and improved brand presence. These powerful tools enable companies to strengthen ties with customers through increased communication and a more meaningful exchange of goods and services.
Insightful Analytics
B2B mobile apps are a critical part of acquiring data. It provides users with real-time information that's necessary to make informed decisions quickly, resulting in saved time and money. B2B apps also empower businesses to create effective campaigns, analyze customer behavior more accurately, and maximize conversions. Ultimately, this technology reveals potential for long-term growth and improved profits.

Effective Communication
Business-to-business (B2B) companies require effective communication to carry out their processes. Utilizing b2b app development can help team members share files, bring transparency into the process, and facilitate a more fruitful manner of communication. B2B apps can drastically improve how customers communicate with stakeholders.
B2B apps offer unprecedented levels of mobility, enabling teams to collaborate on projects regardless of location or time. Furthermore, b2b eCommerce mobile applications can streamline and improve communication with customers. Overall, they are a powerful tool for any business looking to ensure higher productivity and better customer engagement.

Increased Revenue
Optimizing revenue is a critical component of any business strategy. When it comes to generating greater sales and higher profits, a B2B eCommerce app can be instrumental. 
The B2B mobile commerce app offers a number of time-saving benefits for businesses. It enables easier ordering, reduces manual effort, and provides accurate purchase history data. Additionally, it can give businesses the insights needed to build effective marketing strategies, and client retention plans, and increase sales volume and branding efforts.

How to build a great B2B mobile app?

Before you design a B2B software application, it's essential to understand the specific needs and requirements of your clients. After all, customer satisfaction should be your number one priority. Your app should also be easy-to-use for both contractors and employees. Furthermore, it's important to integrate the app with other company systems, such as accounting or warehouse management software. Additionally, each part of the application should be tailored to meet the requirements of their industry. Ultimately, this will ensure the successful deployment and adoption of the software.

B2B applications should have a modular structure. It will allow you to expand their functionality when necessary. They should also be flexible and scalable. This will let you adapt them to the needs of both small and large enterprises. The system must be powerful enough to process even hundreds of transactions a day.
A good B2B application should be integrated with other company systems, for example, an accounting system. Every section of such an application should be suited to the needs of a given industry.

Key Features for B2B Mobile App Development

Now that you have a firm grasp on the benefits of B2B mobile apps, it’s time to take a look at some features to include. Here’s a look at some common features used in existing apps for business audiences:
  • Integrations with other apps such as Zapier or Make, 
  • Custom user groups
  • Data Analytics
  • Content showcasing under various formats (blog, videos, etc)
  • Login with social media accounts
  • Offline connectivity
  • Push notifications 

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The B2B market is growing steadily, and your business needs to stay up-to-date. For those looking for a competitive edge, a mobile app may be a great option. Building an app can give businesses greater reach and lead to improved customer engagement. If your organization falls into the B2B category, it's definitely worth considering creating an app of your own.
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