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Video Tutorial: Reseller Dashboard II


Hello GoodBarbers,

Welcome to the second episode of our Reseller Dashboard series. Get to know how to make the most of the white label feature and transform the GoodBarber back office into that of your own brand. 
In this video you'll learn how to change the default URL of your projects, as well as the icons. Also, you will be able to get your clients updated with your latest news right from their back offices and to go further in the customization, as you would be able to change the package name of all your dashboard apps.

Newsfeed & Social Networks

Go to the “Settings” menu on the left. In the section “Your Agency” you will be able to customize different aspects of your account.

The first thing you’ll see is the “Newsfeed”. By activating and adding a link in this field, your clients will stay updated on all of your news, directly from the back offices of their apps.
This feed will appear in the dashboard after the app has been published.

In the “Social Networking” section you can provide your clients with direct access to your social network accounts.

Logo & Icons

Under “Settings”, you can customize the following components  with your brand’s image or logo:

Note that the image you upload must respect the size requirements.

You can also add in a URL that the client will be redirected to if they click on the image. 

The back office login page :
The default icon, which will be replaced by the app icon when uploaded :
The sidebar icon, where you can show your brand :

The domain name

In this menu, you will also be able to change the domain name that appears in the URL of your app's back office.
GoodBarber is the domain name used by default.

You can choose a different domain name that will be used by default for all of the projects in your reseller agency.
It’s strongly recommended to buy and use a domain name solely for this purpose, and not to use the domain name installed on your website.

Follow the domain installation steps. Don’t forget to set up your domain to be managed by the GoodBarber DNS servers. These settings should be configured from your registrar interface.

Once the domain installation is completed, (which can take up to 4 hours)  the URL pattern will change.

Remember that it is still possible to link another domain name to an individual project anytime.
To do so, you must go to the back office of the concerned project and follow the route: Publish > Domain name. Then, follow the instructions given.



The Package Name

The package name is the identifier of your app in Google Play and on your phone. It will appear in the URL of your app in the store. 

By default, the package name of apps created with GoodBarber contain the brand "GoodBarber". However, you can change it for your own brand.

Remember that it’s also possible to modify the package name of a particular app right from its back office, in the second step of the generation process. 

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