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Video Tutorial: Reseller Dashboard III


Hello GoodBarbers,

Welcome to the third video of the series on How to use the Reseller Dashboard. In this video tutorial you will learn how to manage the apps in your Dashboard.
Go to Apps, in the left column of the Dashboard. 

The app marked with a star is the alpha project, the one used for billing purposes, as explained in the previous tutorial in this series.

Add Apps

To create a new app or to move existing projects to your Reseller dashboard, click on the green button “Add App”. If it’s a new app, all you have to do is to choose a name for it and define its business sector. 
To add an existing app to your dashboard, you have to select the indicated button and a list of your current apps will be displayed.

These are the apps created under the email address used for your reseller account. So, to add an existing app your account, it must have been created with the account ID that was used to register as a reseller. This means that if you created two apps with different email addresses, you’ll have to contact the support to get this app into your Reseller dashboard.

Click on an app in the list to access its back office.

Filter and searching tools

In the menu Apps of your Dashboard, in the top left corner, you'll find the search and filter tool.

The filter tool allows you to display just certain apps from the following criteria:

- Subscription
- Status of generation/publication of the Android/iOS app
- Status: activated or deactivated apps

Activate/Deactivate app

The placeholder next to every app in the main list will indicate whether the app is activated (green) or deactivated (red).

If you click it, you’ll have the option to change its status. 

By deactivating an app, it’s not possible to use it. Even if it has already been published in the store, once launched, it will appear empty of content.

If you want to permanently remove an app from your reseller account, you will first have to deactivate it. Then, an X will appear next to the red dot. By clicking the X and accepting the next pop-up window, it will no longer be attached to you Reseller dashboard, and will disappear from your dashboard.  

Once you deactivate the app, you can reactivate it from the apps menu in your back office. You can also  re-include a project you just removed from your Reseller dashboard by repeating the process explained at the beginning of this video.
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