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Video Tutorial: Reseller Dashboard IV


Hello GoodBarbers,


Welcome to the fourth tutorial of the series on How to Manage the Reseller Dashboard. In this video you’ll learn how to give members of your team access to collaborating with you on the apps in your dashboard.



In your reseller Dashboard, go to Settings and Your Team.

There you’ll have the option to add a new member to your team. By doing so, you’re giving this person access to your Reseller dashboard, which includes both billing menus and the settings. He or she will have access to changing and customizing the apps, but will not be able to make changes to the team management.

You'll be asked either for an Account ID or email address. 
If the person you want to add already has an account with GoodBarber, you must enter the email address they used to register as the Account ID, and he or she will receive an email prompting them to become a member of your team.

If the new member is not yet registered in GoodBarber, you must add their email address and they will then receive an email to create a Goodbarber account. 
By placing the mouse over the team member, a cross will appear on the right. If you click on it, this person will no longer be a team member and will not have access to your Reseller Dashboard.
To give a team member access to the management of just one app, you must go to the back office of that specific app from the Apps menu.

Once in the back office, go to Settings and Team. Select New team member. As explained before, you’ll have the option to add either an Account ID or an email address, depending on his or her registration status. He or she will then receive an email to create an account or confirm the membership.

After adding them, you can either designate them as an Administrator or User.

The Administrator will have access to managing all of the app. The User is more restricted and only has access to some parts of the app.
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