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API for eCommerce applications

Create integrations between your application and external services thanks to the API for eCommerce apps. Several methods are available for sending push notifications, viewing customers and orders, managing your product catalog, creating marketing operations or obtaining statistics.
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Automation and integration

for eCommerce apps

Product catalog management

Consult, add, delete

The API lets you manipulate the product catalog of your eCommerce application. You can retrieve the list of collections and the details of a collection. This is also the case for the product list, with the additional possibility of adding a new product, updating an existing one and deleting a product.

Specific methods are available for adding product variants, options, pdf files, images or detailed description paragraphs.

Consultation of orders, customers and prospects

and update delivery info

You can retrieve a list of orders from the API, or information about a specific order.
A method allows you to update an order's tracking url, as well as some of its status values.

Methods let you consult information about your prospects and customers. Retrieve lists or detailed information for a particular user.

Marketing operations

Promo codes, loyalty points, push notifications

Thanks to the API, you can automate your marketing campaigns. You're free to imagine scenarios for automatically rewarding your customers with discount codes (promo codes) or adding point to their loyalty program .

You can send push notifications to your entire user base directly from the API. All those who have authorized the receipt of notifications from your application will be in the target audience for API push notifications.

And much more

The API is enriched regularly