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iCal / vCal

Add a calendar to your app with GoodBarber's iCal/vCal integration
Built by GoodBarber
This feature is developed and maintained by the GoodBarber team
|For Content and eCommerce apps|Free

Your calendar directly on your app

Sync a calendar to your GoodBarber app. All your events automatically on your app.

You no longer have to enter data one by one and plan each event. Thanks to iCal/vCal integration, your calendar is directly synchronized with your GoodBarber app. Simplify your work and discover a complete calendar and all its features, effortlessly installed on your app.

  • Title and description
  • Image and event details
  • Map
  • Content Filters
  • Itinerant action
  • Calling phone numbers
  • Add to calendar
  • Load more events

How to install an iCal / vCal calendar?

A quick and easy installation for an automatic synchronization of your calendar on your app.

Make data entry easier and save time by synchronizing your iCal/vCal calendar to your app.

The installation of this add-on is easily done by following these steps:

  • 1
    Activate the iCal/vCal extension in your app
  • 2
    Enter the name of the section.
  • 3
    Paste the URL feed into the Settings field.
  • 4
    Click Add and the section will automatically appear in your app.

For a detailed step-by-step guide, please refer to our online help

Your iCal or vCal calendar is now available on your app!