This extension lets your customers check your availability and book an appointment straight from your app.
You can synchronize one or more Google Calendars with your GoodBarber app.


Add Appointment booking extension

1. Go to the menu Extensions store > All extensions > Appointment booking
2. Click "Install"


Connect your Google Calendar to your app

Once you've added the extension, you land on a new page in your back office which is dedicated to your booking section.
This page will be accessible in your back office from the menu Settings > Appointment booking's settings > Appointment booking.

1. From the tab List of Calendars , click "Sync" or "+ Add a calendar"
2. You are redirected to the tab "Calendar settings"
Click "Google Calendar Sync > Sign in" to access your existing Google Calendars.
3. Login into your Google account, then click "Continue" to allow your app GoodBarber to access your Google Calendars.
4. Back to your back office GoodBarber, use the drop down menu to select the Google Calendar you wish to use in your booking section.
5. Click "Save"
6. Check your emails, Google might ask you to confirm the autorisation comes from you, make sure to confirm it by following the email instructions.

More tabs are now available to set this specific Calendar section.


Set the opening times for appointments

1. Go to the Opening times tab
2. Define here for each day of the week the opening and closing times for booking an appointment.
3. Click "Save"


Set your Booking Schedule

1. Go to the Slots tab
2. Define the scheduling rules* you want your customers to follow when booking.
*Only 1 appointment can be made by slot.


Set Holiday Closures days

1. Go to the Holiday closures tab
2. Define the days when you do not want to make bookings available as an exception.


Set your booking form

1. Go to the menu Settings > Appointment booking's settings > Appointment booking :: Booking form tab
2. Set here the fields you want to be visible when booking an appointment*.
3. Click "Save"
*This booking form is the same for all your booking sections if you have set several in your app.


Design your booking section

1. Go to the menu Design & Structure > Structure > Sections
2. From the right panel, click your booking section
3. Edit the header* of your app (read this online help for all details about your app headers)
*Only the header design can be managed via the standard tools of the back office.


Set your Booking section

1. Go to the menu Design & Structure > Structure > Sections
2. Next to your Appointment booking section from the right panel, click the 3 dots > Settings
3. Edit its title and settings.

4. Advanced user only: Edit the settings.css file:
- Click "Edit design and content of this section" at the bottom of the right settings panel
- Select the file settings.css file



- You can't synchronize the same calendar on 2 different apps GoodBarber unless you use 2 different gmail addresses.
- You can add several booking sections on the same app.
- Automatic emails are sent automatically to all Admins of the back office (Admin must be allowed to receive administrative notification) when a appointment has been booked (Users of the back office don't receive them).
- Reseller: make sure to add your clients to the back office as Admin so they can be notified when someone has booked an appointment. If you'd like as a reseller to receive the notification emails too, you want to enable the Administrative notifications from Content apps in the menu Settings > Your Agency of the reseller dashboard.

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