Memberships extension allows you to sell subscriptions from your native apps via the App Store (Apple) and Google Play Store to monetize your app.
The subscriptions will be paid and managed directly by the stores (Apple Store and Google Play store).

Before setting subscriptions on the stores , you need to set them up in your back office. For this, follow the instructions of this online help.


Create the subscriptions you want to offer to your users

Create 1 subscription per subscription period needed: all subscriptions created will give access to your subscribed users to the same restricted content on your app.

1. Go to the menu Settings > Settings guide
2. Click Products creation > Create my products
3. Click + Create a product
4. Fill in the subscription name that will be visible in the stores. Example: Monthly subscription
5. Fill in the subscription description that will be visible in the stores
6. Select from the drop-down menu the Subscription period (it will be automatically renewed until the user cancels it) 

7. Set the Subscription prices for iOS and Android
- iOS:

iOS subscription prices set in your back office are Tax-inclusive prices.
You can set a price available from the drop-down menu only
- Android:
Android subscription prices set in your back office are tax-exclusive prices.
Your users will see the final Tax-inclusive price, it is calculated by Google from the price set in your back office.
Check this documentation for more details on the prices you can set for your subscriptions depending on your country:
Apple and Google automatically calculate prices for all countries or regions based on the most recent exchange rates.

8. Select from the drop-down menu the trial period duration 
Subscribers will automatically be charged the full price of the subscription at the end of the free trial period, unless they cancel their subscription from the store.
9. Click "Add this product"


Additional options for your Membership offers

To disable ads (advertising widget on the home page, banners, and interstitials) for your subscribers in your app:
1. Go to the menu Settings > Memberships guide > Settings guide > Product creation :: Tab Additional options
2. Click the button next to "Disable ads for my subscribers" to activate the option
3. Click "Save"


Add or delete a subscription once the app is published with existing subscription

Once you've published your app with subscriptions set, you can always add or delete subscriptions as explained above.
This will require an update of your app to the stores to apply the new set of subscriptions.

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