Certain regulations require you to display the terms of service and a privacy policy on your App.

You can add your Terms and Conditions of Service and your privacy policy within your subscriptions' settings.
Links to those pages will be displayed in the registration and subscription pages of your app.


Define the terms of service and your privacy policy

1. Go to the menu Settings > Memberships guide > Terms and Condition
2. Fill in the dedicated fields on this page.
- Privacy policy: you can download a standard document here , this is a template privacy policy. You are free to customize it.
- Terms and Conditions of Service: We suggest to take your time and write them carefully.
We don't have any template to provide as its content entirely depends on your app.

Deleting a user account from the app or the app being deactivated doesn't cancel the subscription made on the stores.
We advise you to remind your users, and also to explain how to cancel their subscriptions as it is managed directly from the stores:
Apple: https://support.apple.com/en-in/HT202039


Design the terms of service and your privacy policy sections

1. Go to the menu Design & Structure > Section Design
2. Select from the right panel the Privacy policy or Terms of service page to access their design settings
Refer to this online help for all details on how to design your content sections.

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