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Popup and permissions management

Several popups or alerts need to be displayed when your users browse your PWA.

Depending on your settings, your users could be asked for several authorizations:
- Push notification
- SMS notification
- Install PWA to their device
- Cookies
- Geolocation

To avoid displaying all popups/banners at the same time and improve your users' experience, you'll find below how the popups and permissions are managed on a PWA created with GoodBarber.


      Popup         Display behavior*   
      Geolocation         Displayed on the page where the geolocation is needed      
      Push         Displayed after 8 Actions   
      SMS         Displayed after 10 Actions   
      PWA Install         Displayed after 4 Actions   
      Cookie banner            Displayed at launch of the PWA on the home page   

*An action can be either the action to open a page or opening the navigation mode.