My GoodBarber app for Android

The My GoodBarber App allows you to access all of your GoodBarber applications directly from your device.
You can download it for free:
- From Google Play:

Once you're connected using the same ID/password combination as in your GoodBarber backend, you will see all of your apps. 



My GoodBarber app for iOS (Premium offer only)

To download your My GoodBarber app iOS on your device, go to the menu Sales channel  > iOS > Test  in your back office.

Click the green button "Download My Goodbarber app"

You'll be given 2 options:

  1. To scan a QR code from your iPhone to directly download the My GoodBarber app
  2. To receive a My GoodBarber app download link by email

Once you've downloaded My GoodBarber, follow the steps below :
  1. When launching the app, you'll be asked to confirm that you trust the developer of the My GoodBarber app.
  2. Go to the menu Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management on your iPhone or iPad and select GoodBarber Corp.
  3. Click Trust "GoodBarber Corp".
  4. Validate your choice in the confirmation popup.


My GoodBarber app features

Scroll through and select the app you would like to work on.

Once you've selected the application, you can then:
-see the statistics 
-send push notifications 
-test the application
-contact the support team

In this online help, we will be discussing the different ways of testing your application. 


Instant visualisation of your modifications

On the Test page, you have the choice to see the Progressive Web App (PWA) version of your app or to preview the native version of your app.  

When you test your app with My GoodBarber, you can see the results of the modifications you make to your app BEFORE making any type of update.

It is therefore practical if your app has already been published on Google Play or the Apple store and you want to see the changes you've made before activating them for all of your users. 


Native preview of your apps

On the Test page, select "Native Preview" to directly access the preview of the native version.
Once your test has been completed, use the "Back" button on your phone in order to exit the preview and return to the Test page on the My GoodBarber app. 

On the Test page, select "Native Preview" to access the preview of the native iOS version. 
A screen will indicate the procedure to follow to close the application after you've finished testing it: "To close your application, pinch the screen." 
Touch the screen to access the app. 
Once you have completed your test, pinch the screen to return to the Test page on the My GoodBarber app. 



Native preview vs. native AdHoc version

Please be aware that there are a certain number of limitations on this native preview compared to the final version that will be published in the App store. In this test app, it is not possible to send push notifications, to like or share, or to perform any other actions related to social media (Authentication to your app for instance).

If you would like to test all of the features of your native apps and have exactly the same experience as your users who will be downloading the app, you must compile the AdHoc version of your application (Sales channel > Android > Publish) or (Sales channel > iOS > Publish) or by following the procedure indicated in this online help .

Once you have followed this procedure, a link called "Download AdHoc version" will appear at the bottom of the page in the My GoodBarber app that will allow you to install the AdHoc version with a simple click.  


Progressive Web App (PWA) preview

The My GoodBarber app also let you see the PWA of your application.

When you click the "PWA Preview" button, the browser of your device will open to display the PWA. 

The PWA version that you consult via the My GoodBarber app will show all of the modifications that you have made in the backend without necessarily having published them already. 


Return to the home screen of the My GoodBarber app

To go back to the list of your applications, simply use the "Return" button on your phone to return to the home menu on Android devices.

To go back to the list of your applications on an iOS device, place your finger on the two horizontal lines under the name of your app and swipe the page to the bottom. 


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