The Ad-Hoc version is the exact replica of the app that will be published to the store.
You can download this version directly to your device.  
This is the version you should use to test before submitting the final version of the app to the store for review.
It is downloaded from a link provided in the backend after the app is generated.


What is it for?

This version allows you to test all the features of the app that you could not test on the back office preview such as the Push notifications.
It is the best way to showcase the native version of your app with anyone you would want to test the app.
If you are building this app for a client you should use this version to have them test and approve of the app before publishing it on the store.

Anyone can download the ad-hoc version and test it, as long as you give them the link to download the app.


It is mandatory to build AdHoc version

Building the ad-hoc version is mandatory and it is part of the app building process.
When all the steps necessary outlined here , are completed, you are ready to build your ad-hoc test version of the app.
Refer to this online help to begin the process.

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