Back Office

Once you've selected your offer and started your trial period, you can start creating your app. The creation and upkeep of your app are done in one interface: the back office. 

The back office allows you to set up your shop, to customize the design, and to interact with your users once the app is published.

"Get Started" page:

To do so, follow the steps in the Get started page . You can access this menu at anytime by clicking the top left corner of your back office menu. You can also access it via the Pop-Up window that will be displayed each time to complete a step for the first time. 

Checkboxes colors:

- Green: Step completed and validated.
- White: Step not started yet.
- Grey: Step ignored.
- Blue: Step to validate. Information has been pre-filled, you must check and validate it.
- Orange: Stage partially completed.
- Red: Incomplete stage. Important information is missing.


My app: Design and Content settings

My App is the first block to get started with your app.


1. Give a name to your app:it will be displayed under the icon on smartphones et also in the sections header

2. Choose your theme

3. Set your global style  for all the pages (theme colos, fonts, buttons design)

4. Add a general title and logofor your header 

5. Customize your app icon  using or a logo generator or your own.  

6. Use the Splash screenassistant or insert your own

7. Customize your navigation menu and Home page.  

Your products: 

1. Create and manage yourCollections. A collection is a set of products. Your app must have at least one collection (demo collections not included).

2. Add products . Your app must contain at least one product (demo products not included).

We'll guide you through all mandatory steps to create your app.
You'll be able to edit each section's design and content separately later on.


Shop settings

The block "Shop settings" is the admin part of your shop. 

Block "Shop settings"

1. Fill in your shop information (name, default email address, address etc..). You will also be able to set up your weight units and currency. Once this is done you will be able to access the rest of the shop settings. 

2. Select your payment providersStripe (a service allowing you to accept Credit cards) Apple Pay and PayPal.

3. Set up your shipping zonesworldwide and the corresponding shipping rates. 
Some information is pre-filled. Check them to validate this step. 

4. Check taxes settings depending on your shipping zone and your type of products. 

5. Configure your checkout processby specifying your terms of use, refund policy, privacy policy. 

As long as theses first 2 blocks ("My app" and "Shop settings") are not completed, you will not be able to access the publication blocks. 

The publication blocks will be displayed depending on the offer you selected. For more information on the different offers


Android publication (Full and Premium only)

To publish on the Play Store (Android) you must follow these steps:

1. You can choose to build the app yourself or use the "GoodBarber Takes Care " service.

2. Follow instructions in your back office, you will be guided through the Android process

3. Don't forget to test your app Ad-hoc version to make sure everything works as it should.

Each step is validated as you move on with the process in your back office



iOS publication (Premium version only)

GoodBarber takes care of the iOS publication. 

1. Create your Apple developer account (mandatory)

2. Check that all the steps in the "My App" and "Shop Settings" are validated.

3. Validate the submission step or go to the menu Sales Channels > iOS App > Publish  . An automatic message will be sent to our Support and we'll take it from here. 

Important information: No matter the native platform you selected, always remember to optimise the presentation of your app in the Stores. You can find useful informations here


Web publication

It's possible to share your app on the web (Progressive Web App)

1. Activate  your Progressive Web App. As long as it's not published, your PWA is not visible on the Web.

2.Restrict your PWA with a password. You can publish it but the general public won't have access to it. It will allow you to test your app within a selected group of users. This step is optional.

3.  Install a domain name  to customize your PWA url. A domain name is an important Marketing tool in the promotion of your PWA. This step is optional.

4. Work on your SEO  for a better ranking in search results. 

5. Set your push  Web.This step is optional 

6. Set your macOS push - for your users browsing on Safari with a Mac. This step is optional.

7. Publish your PWA to integrate all previous modifications (new generation of the app). You can rebuild your PWA at any time here: Sales Channels > PWA > Publish


My account

The block "My Account" summarizes all your account important information. 

1. Your initial login email can not be changed. You received an automatic welcome email with all the useful information regarding your account. You can request to receive the email again.

2. Your password is secure and anonymous. You can reset it here

3. My profile gathers all the admin details regarding your account. 

4. The last line is about your subscription. If you are in a trial version, you can choose your subscription. If you are already a client, you have a direct link to the management of your subscription.


Disappearance of the Get Started menu

Depending of the offer your selected , the "Get Started" menu will disappear when certain block are completed:

- Standard (PWA only): generation of the PWA
- Full (PWA + Android): Android publication 
- Premium (PWA + Android + iOS): iOS and/or Android.

Instead of the "Get started" menu, you will have access to your "Dashboard" which gathers all the important information to manage your app as well as our latest blog articles. 


Launch your business

Once all steps are been completed, you will be able to finally launch your online business. 
You can find a lot of useful tips on our blog to help you promote your shop. 

Different tools are available in your back office to help you promote your app:

  • Share buttons : Marketing > Promote > Share
  • QR Code : Marketing > Promote > QR Code 

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