Creation of your GoodBarber app

The creation and upkeep of your app are done in one interface: the back office. 

The back office allows you to add content to your app, to customize the design, and to interact with your users once the app is published.

When you create your GoodBarber project and access your back office, a "Get started" onboarding menu will be available from the bottom right of your back office.

The "Get started" menu shows you how to handle the main steps of your app creation.
Each step is introduced with an explanation text, the path to access the right menu in your back office and a video tutorial.
It will help you get familiar with the platform quickly. 

Get started menu steps:

1. Your catalogue

The first step in creating your store is to create your products, then your collections to organize and structure your store.
This menu will show you how to create and publish your catalogue.
Read these online helps for all details.

2. Your visual identity
This menu will show you how to:
- choose a theme, define the global style to customize the design of your app from a single menu.
- set up the header, icons and launch screen of your app
- edit the design of a specific section.
Read these online helps for all details: general design  ; sections design .

3. Structure of your app
Your app is composed of sections. There are different sections for different types of content or different features.
This menu will show you how to add, organize, set and manage sections.
Read this online help  for all details.

4. Navigation of your app
To set the main navigation of your app, this menu will show you how to:
- choose from 5 navigation menu templates and set it
- expand the architecture of your app by adding a sub-level.
Read these online helps for all details: Navigation menu  ; Customize the icons of your navigation menu

5. Home page
The Home Page is the first page your users will visit. It is made of widgets you can set and organize.
Read this online helps for all details: Home page

6. Store settings
Before finalizing the creation of your store, you must fill in all your store's information . This information will be used for the generation of your invoices among other things.
Define the terms of shipping and set up your payment methods to start selling.

7. Extension Store
You can add additional features to your app, this menu shows you how to add and manage extensions.
Read this online help  for all details


Progressive Web App (PWA) publication

When your app is ready:
- Go to the menu Sales channel > PWA > Publish
- Click "Publish my app" to start its generation.

The page Sales channel > PWA > Publish  is your PWA dashboard.
From this page: activate or disable the PWA, see all features you can set for your PWA, access the help center, restrict access to the PWA etc.


Native Apps publication (iOS - Android)

When your app is ready:
- Go to the menu Sales channel > iOS or Android > Publish.

1. If a list of action to complete prior to start submitting your iOS or Android app is displayed, you need to complete it so be able to move on with your app publication.

2. Subscribe  with GoodBarber.

3. Choose* from Solo mode or "GoodBarber Takes Care" (GBTC)  service to publish your app to the stores and follow onscreen instructions.
The Solo mode means you are in charge of the full submission process, read the online helps for iOS  and Android  processes.

*If you went for a solo mode and changed your mind, you can switch to GBTC service at any time.
If you went for GBTC service but want to take over to manage it all by yourself, it is possible too.


Launch your business

Once all steps are been completed, you will be able to finally launch your online business. 
You can find a lot of useful tips on our blog to help you promote your shop. 

Different tools are available in your back office to help you promote your app:

  • Share buttons : Marketing > Promote > Share
  • QR Code : Marketing > Promote > QR Code 

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