Once you've completed the Get Started of your shop, you can start focusing on the launch and make sure everything is working as it should before presenting it to future clients.

Here are the key steps for a successful launch :


Test the look of your shop

You took the time to work on the design of your shop and its sections. So don't overlook the final phase : testing!  You have several options available:

  • The back office Preview mode, present all along the creation phase (more info)
  • The adHoc version, which allows you to test the natives versions (Android and iOS). It is the exact same version that will be published on the Store. (more info )


Test the checkout process

Crucial element of your shop, the checkout process must be test before launching your app.

It's very easy, you simply need to set your payment providers on Test mode and place orders from your app.

To find out more on setting your payments on Test mode, refer to this online help: Test mode/ Live mode

During your tests you will be able to manage your client exact process, emails  and automatic notifications received, etc. 


Publish your shop

Once everything has been tested, it's time to reveal your shop!

Before publishing it, don't forget to disable your paymentsTest mode :)

The publication process will depend on your subscription, and therefore the platforms on which your shop will be published. 

Web publication (Progressive Web App)
To find out more  your PWA publication

Play Store publication (Android)
To find out more regarding the publication of your Android app

App Store publication (iOS)
To find out more regarding the publication of your iOS app

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