Shopping Apps pricing

The pricing includes taxes if applicable

  StandardFull  PremiumReseller
Yearly Plan
       Single payment for 12 months
Monthly billing$45$75$150$600


Additional costs

GoodBarber options
- Additional push notifications: $5 per 100,000 additional pushes: Marketing > Send Push - on this page, click on "Add notifications" 

‚ÄčOptions outside GoodBarber
- Domain name: starting from $5/year - More info
- Google Publisher Account: one-time $25 fee - More info 
- Apple Developer Account: $99/year - More info 

Cost per transaction: 
GoodBarber does not take any commission on your sales. Nevertheless, the integrated payment systems will charge you a fee for each transaction.
- Stripe (Bank Cards + Apple Pay)
- Paypal


How to subscribe

There are 2 different ways to access the subscription page:
- From the "Get Started " menu - on the last line, click on "Subscribe
- From the "Subscription" menu - click on your name at the bottom left of your back office > subscription 

Subscription page:

1. Choose your payment frequency (Monthly or Annual)
2.  Select your plan
3.  Fill out your billing information (which will appear on your invoice - May be different from your Account information.
4. Click on "Pay Now"

Warning: the country chosen will determine if you will be billed in USD or Euros. We use billing in USD for the American continent (North and South) and Euro for the rest of the world.

Intra-Community VAT: For Apps that are in the name of a company based in a European country (excluding France), you have the possibility to enter your VAT number in order to be exempt from taxes. In order for the field "VAT number" to be editable, you must first enter the name of your company.


Payment page

-Check that you are on the correct payment frequency (Monthly or Annual)
- If you have a coupon, apply it here
- Select your payment method

Credit card
We only accept the following cards: BC, Visa, Amex, and Mastercard. By subscribing monthly, your subscription will be automatically renewed with this card.


Check the PayPal option and then click on the blue PayPal button in order to connect to your account and authorize the payment. 
Once you have connected to your PayPal account, you will be redirected to the payment page in your back office to proceed to the payment. 
Just as with a card payment, by subscribing monthly, your subscription will be automatically renewed with your PayPal account.

Note: With the yearly subscription, we do not keep your details. You will have to renew your payment on the anniversary date, every year. 



After your payment, access your invoices and download them in PDF form:
- Open the left swipe menu, click your Name >  Invoices .


Invoice notifications

You will receive regular notification emails concerning billing, for example your bank card receipts, renewal alerts, and other reminders.

These emails are sent to the email address you provided in the left menu swipe, click your Name > Subscription .


Bank Issues

 You may experience billing issues(expired card, stolen card, surpassed limit, etc.)
In these types of cases, you will receive an email alert asking you to sort the situation out:
 - Go to the left menu swipe, click your Name > Subscription  
- Fill in a new credit card details.
- Payments will resume normally the from the following month

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Support .

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