To cancel your GoodBarber subscription or trial period, all unsubscribe requests must be made from your back office, it is our only means of formal authentication.

For this, from the left menu, click your name > Subscription


Ongoing subscribers

1. Click the red button "Cancel the subscription" at the bottom of the page
2. Fill in the feedback field*
*This will help us improve our service
3. Confirm your request.

You will get a confirmation message with the date on which your application will stop working.
Your app will be completely erased a year after its deactivation.



Trial period

1. Click "End my trial" link
2. Confirm your request.

Your app will be erased 15 days after the end of the trial (i.e. 45 days after its creation).



What happens to the app when the subscription ends?

GoodBarber makes the connection between your application and all the content sources  via the connectors (including the custom connector).  So even after your app is built and published on the stores, you still need to pay your monthly or yearly fee to GoodBarber. 
If your subscription ends your app will not be removed from the stores. It will be empty, since it won't be connected to any content.  
Also you will no longer be able to send push notifications to your users or to access your statistics. 

Important Note:
- The application will stop working at the end of the paid period.
- The back office will be closed, only access to invoices and support will be maintained.
- Any period started is due, including in the case of an annual subscription (refer to Terms and Conditions).
- Any request to unsubscribe must be made at least 2 working days before the anniversary date.

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