If your payment is refused 3 times in a row while trying to pay off your invoice, it's best to try again the next day or use an other credit card. After 4 transaction failed, you will be blocked with this message for one day:


Of course we won't talk here about errors linked to insufficient funds, the reason being obvious. However, there is several other reason why your payment can not go through.

1/ Exceeds Withdrawal Limit:
Most of the time, it's because the bank has declined the transaction as it will exceed the card's limit.

Depending on the banks, it is calculated on 7 rolling days. The best is to try again the next day. You can also have a lower limit for international payment.

2/ International payment:
Check if you can make international payment with your card. Some national cards don't have the authorization to make international payment.

3/ Suspected Fraud:
You can also be blocked if you have paid many things on the same day, in particular on internet. 
Banks suspect fraud if you buy different things in different countries on the same day, while you are simply behind your computer :)

4/ Prepaid and debit card:
Prepaid and debit card don't always allow internet payment, and generate errors most of the time. Only credit cards work properly on internet.

5/ Paypal:
If the payment is refused while using Paypal, please check your payment authorizations on your account PayPal. You are notified on  Paypal platform if there is any temporary restriction.

In any way, contact your bank to know precisely why they refused your payment and blocked the transaction.
Lastly, if the date limit is close for your pending payment, please contact us in the support.

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