We found that the seller and company names associated with your app do not reflect the name [name of your developer account] in the app or its metadata, as required by section 1.2 of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

Next Steps

Your app must be published under a seller name and company name that reflects the name [name of your developer account]. If you have developed these apps on behalf of a client, please advise your client to add you to the development team of their Apple Developer account.

Once created, you cannot change your seller name or company name in App Store Connect. For assistance with changing your company name or seller name, you will need to contact App Store Connect through the Contact Us page.



Most of the time this happens when:

- A client asked you - the developer - to create an app for them and you are trying to release the app under your own developer account. The app should be released under the client's developer account (the client needs to enroll the Apple Developer Program if he has not yet done so).

- The app name is the name of a famous brand or the app has content related to a famous brand. 

Releasing apps under a different account than the contractor's account is against Apple Developer Program License Agreement:

“For the sake of clarity, You may authorize contractors to develop Applications on Your behalf, but any such Applications must be owned by You, submitted under Your own developer account, and distributed as Applications only as expressly permitted herein. You are responsible to Apple for Your contractors’ activities under Your account (e.g., adding them to Your team to perform development work for You) and their compliance with this Agreement. Any actions undertaken by Your contractors arising out of this Agreement shall be deemed to have been taken by You, and You (in addition to Your contractors) shall be responsible to Apple for all such actions.”



- If you own or you are a part of the company/brand for which you are publishing the app, you should provide Apple the proof that you developed the app on your behalf, and the app is owned by you.

- If the developer name is your own, and not the name of the company, Apple may require that it reflects the name of the company. In this case, contact Apple to know how to turn your individual account into a company account.

- If the app has been developed on behalf of a client, the client should create an Apple Developer account of his own, and add you to the development team of that account.

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