The iOS certificates created for publishing your app on your Apple Developer account  are valid for one year only (12 months for the iOS distribution certificate and 13 months for the push certificate).
Apple will email you 30 days before about the expiration. 
Make sure to check the email you're using on your Apple developer account regularly, GoodBarber is not notified.

- Your distribution certificate expires in 30 days 
This does not affect your app already published on the App Store. The distribution certificate only needs to be renewed if you have to rebuild the app or send a new version of your app to the store. 

- Your push certificate expires in 30 days 
When the push certificate expires, the push notifications will stop being sent to your iOS users. 

Unless your app has to be rebuilt and resubmitted to the App Store, it is not necessary to renew your certificates right after Apple sent this message. It's enough to renew them a few days before the push certificate expires.

- At least one certificate must be expired to be able to ask for a renewal.


Renew your iOS certificates

The certificates and mobile provision files used in your app are visible in the menu Sales Channels > iOS app > Certificates   
They are displayed in green when they are valid and red when they are expired. 

To renew your iOS certificates when they are expired:

1. Go to the left swipe menu Sales Channels > iOS app > Certificates   
2. Click on "Renew my certificates"*
3. A pop-up message will appear, click "Continue"
4. Before we take over the process for you, indicate if the app is new (never been submitted to the store yet) or an update (already online on the store)
5. Click Next step.
6. Depending on whether the Distribution Certificate is still valid or not:

How to know what to choose:
6.1 - The certificate is expired: select New distribution certificate
6.2 - The certificate is still valid: select Use an existing one, choose a file then click OK.    
7. You must verify and complete the information of the form. Once this is complete, click on Next step.
A ticket will be generated to the “GoodBarber Takes Care” team so we can take care of your certificates renewal.

*At least one certificate must be expired to be able to ask for a renewal.

Attention: There are stages in the submission process when the update of the iOS certificates is not allowed.  
The button will not be visible when: 
- The app is being compiled 
- The app is pending submission to the store and hasn't yet been marked as published in the back office.

An update of your app will always be sent to the App Store once GoodBarber team has renewed your iOS certificates.

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