You will find below informations regarding the images you wish to add to your products.

- Maximun weight: 4Mo
- No size restrictions
- Recommended format: JPEG

Warning: if you're adding multiple images to a product, the dimensions of the first image added will set the height of your slideshow (visible by your client). Pay attention to the choice of your first image. 

Tip: From the section "advanced image properties" you can select to adapt or not your images to the dimensions of the slideshow. 

1. From the left side menu Content & Design > Design, click on "sections design ".
2. In the Sections Design right side menu, click on "Product page " 
3. In the Product page right side menu, scrolled down to "advanced image properties".
4. Select your preferred display mode:
- Cover: images will adapt to the slideshow dimensions to fill in the entire space
- Contain: Images will not adapt to the dimensions of the slideshow. The slideshow background will fill in the empty space. 

We therefore recommend having images of uniform sizes within the same product page.
High quality images are also preferred.

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