When one of your clients opens a product page, an image from the slideshow is automatically selected. 
This is the default image which is not necessarily the one you're chosen as thumbnail. 



1. In the Product menu, click on "All products ".
2. In the list of your products, select the product in question

Depending on your product's settings, the default image is not chosen in the same way.
Two cases arise:
- Your product has variants
- Your product has no variants


Your product has variants

If your product has variants, then the default image will be the one of variant number 1 if it is available.
If variant 1 is out of stock, the default image will be that of variant 2 and so on.  
For more information on images of product variants, see our online help:
- Add an image to a product variant



Your product doesn't have variants

If your product has no variant then the default image is the image in the first position in your slideshow. 
You can sort your images by dragging them from one place to another and thus define the one in the first position and which will be your default image.


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