Apple's guidelines now require to provide a privacy policy URL on App Store Connect for your app.
This is mandatory for the initial submission or an update of your app on the store.

A/ You do not have a privacy policy

You can download a standard document from this page:

Warning: This is a template privacy policy. You should customize it.

1 - In your backend, go to the bottom left menu Settings > Other settings > My Files
2 - Upload your file in .pdf format.

3 - Open the file in an external browser to display its full url.
4 - Copy the url. 

B/ You already have a privacy policy

If you already have a Privacy Policy of your own, you can use its existing URL.  



Review process - First publication to the App Store

If you are in the Review Process , provide your Privacy Policy URL in the brief before requesting your review


Update of your iOS app to the App Store

If you are updating an existing app yourself to the App Store, provide the Privacy Policy URL in the App Information tab in the dedicated field. 


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