The stock is the quantity of product available for sale.

You can assign a stock to each product or variant at the time of creation.
You can also change your inventory at any time in your product's editing page.


Define the stock of a product

1. Go to the menu Products > Add a product or Products > All products , then click on the actual product. 

2. On the Variants part of the page, hover the table and click on the Stock editing box.


You have two options to enter your stock:

  • Unlimited stock
  • Manual stock 
Note : By default at the time of creation of your product, the stock will be set on unlimited. 

To manually set your stock:

1. Untick the Unlimited box

2. Enter the number of available products in the "Stock" box

3. If you have added variants to this product, set the amount of stock for each of them.



Check the stock of a product

Except in the page of edition of your product, you can consult your stocks in the menu Products> All products.

Under the title of each product you will be able to consult the state of its stock:

  • Unlimited stock
  • Remaining stock quantity (manual management of the stock)
  • Out of stock ( manual management of the stock)


Note: if your product is "out of stock" in your back office, it won't be displayed in your shop. Your customers will be able to consult it again as soon as you have updated their stock.

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