An SSL certificate is a security certificate associated with a domain name. It allows your users to securely access your Progressive Web App (PWA) by encrypting all exchanges.
When an SSL certificate is activated, your users see a lock symbol next to the address bar in the browser, indicating that their data is secure.
The URL your Progressive Web App (PWA) will be accessed through starts with https:// instead of http:// (the "s" indicates a secure connection).
Additionally, access to your back office is also secure, thanks to the same certificate. 


SSL Certificate included

Before installing your own domain name, you are entitled to a GoodBarber SSL certificate while using the default URL under the form

When you install your own domain name on your app, GoodBarber automatically provides a free SSL certificate to your domain name within an average of 24 hours.
GoodBarber will automatically redirect all non secure traffic to an https:// URL using an SSL certificate. 

 who have installed their own domain name on their reseller dashboard, can either use GoodBarber automatic Wild card certificate generated, or buy their own wildcard certificate from Gandi to be able to secure unlimited subdomains on a single certificate.


How can I verify that my SSL certificate is active?

In your back office, in the menu on the left side, go to Publish > Certificates > SSL. This page informs you of the operations that have taken place in your PWA. 
For example, immediately after having installed your domain name, you will see a message indicating that an SSL certificate is in the process of being declared for your PWA (this process takes a few minutes).
This page will also indicate when your certificate will next be renewed : all is done automatically, no action is required on your side.



Compatibility with old browsers

Some older browsers that do not support high security standards may face compatibility problems.
Those visiting your PWA who are using these browsers will have issues accessing your site in https.
For your information, here is a non-exhaustive list of browsers that may pose compatibility problems :

  • Internet Explorer on Windows XP
  • Firefox in versions older than 2.0
  • Safari on macOS with versions older than 4.0
  • Safari on iOS with versions older than 3.1
  • Android for versions older than 2.3


Expert users : Why and how to install an additional SSL certificate?

GoodBarber gives you the option to install an SSL certificate including a more extensive identity verification, that you can get with Gandi.
This has an additional cost, to be paid directly to Gandi .

This does not have any impact on the security of exchanges within your PWA—the two certificates are identical from a technical standpoint, it just allows you to inform your users of the legitimacy of the organization who's published this PWA.

For your information, the SSL certificate provided by GoodBarber is equivalent to the one provided in Gandi's "Standard" offer, the identity verification being done via domain name validation. The "Pro" and "Business" offers are the ones that include a paper identity verification.

If you want to subscribe and install an additional certificate on your PWA, follow the instructions given in the online help : Install an SSL certificate with Gandi.

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