How to add a search section

Hello and welcome to your new GoodBarber tutorial! 

Today we're going to talk about a very important section of your app: the Search section.

Thanks to this section, you will be able to index your content and allow your users to search for it. 
Let's see that right now!

Let's go to the menu My app > Content > Sections.

I click on Add a section, then on Search.

Here I give a name to my section.

Then I can choose which content will be indexed by the search engine.

By default, newly added sections are indexable, so don't forget to uncheck their boxes when you add them if you don't want them to be indexed! 

I add my section.

I just have to design it and voila! 

Little tip, if you want to make your search section accessible from any section, think about adding a shortcut from your Header ;)

See you soon for another tutorial ! 

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