How to display legal pages in your shop

Hello and welcome to your GoodBarber back office

Today we’re going to set up together the policies of the shop. Some regulations may require you to display these commercial policies in your shop.

From your back office, you can manage your refund policy, privacy policy and terms of use. 

To set up those policies, let’s go to the menu Settings > Check out process. 

All you need to do is fill in your policies in their corresponding fields.

As these policies are relatively important, we advise you to take your time in drafting them and review them in detail. Do not hesitate to contact specialists to write your business policies.

Save the modifications

Everything is ready. 

Now let’s see how to display these policies in your shop.

We strongly recommend that you make the shop policies accessible from the main pages of the app
This is why, by default, they will be displayed in the footer of your Home as well as in the main navigation of your navigation menu. 

To manage the display of your shop policies on your Home, go to the menu Content & Design > Design > Home.

Modify the corresponding widget like all the other widgets of your Home

You can also manage the display of your shop policies in your menu, from the menu Content and Design > Design > Navigation Menu

Finally, if you do not wish to keep the default display, you have the possibility to create your own "policy" sections and thus freely control their display. 

Voila, you now know how to set up and display your shop policies. 

Start writing!

See you soon for another tutorial!

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