How to add a settings section

Hello and welcome to your GoodBarber back office

Today, we’ll learn how to add a Settings section to your shop.

A Settings section will allow your users to access a certain number of parameters. 

They can :
Consult a credits page
Contact you directly by email
Recommend your app on social media
Clear cache in your app

To add it, let’s go to the menu Content and Design, Content, Sections

Click on add a section
Select “Settings
Give it a name and add it

All done

I can modify the design directly from this menu
First the credits
I can activate or deactivate the Credits zone in the Setting sections by clicking on the activation button 
If you activate it, you need to fill in the text box. I will add copyright. 

Then I enable to parameters, “contact support” and “recommend the app” 
I add my email
All I need to do is set up the design 

An option Clear cache is automatically added to the Settings sections
It allows your clients to empty the content cache of the app and force the download of the entire design of the app at the next launch.

Voila, you now know how to add the Settings section to your shop.

See you soon for another tutorial! 

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