How to create targeted ads thanks to clients export

Hello and welcome to your GoodBarber back office.


Today we're going to talk about a new feature for your shopping app but not only. When you own an online store, advertising on social media is crucial. And for your advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram, you have the possibility to target your audience in a very precise way. This way, increasing your conversion rates.


To target your audience correctly, you must be able to use data about your clients and leads and be able to export them. That's what we're going to do right now.

Go to the Client menu of your GoodBarber back office. You will find your two submenus: clients and leads.


To export your data, nothing is more simple! Click on Export data and the export starts instantly


You can find your .csv file in the menu Settings > other settings >  my files.

All you have to do is download it. You now have a csv file containing the list of your clients and a certain amount of information.

To export your leads, it's exactly the same thing but from the menu clients then leads.


Now, what to do with this list?  Go to the Facebook Business Manager console. Here you'll be able to create a custom audience based on your list of clients and leads.

Open the audience menu, click create audience then custom audience. Choose customer list as a source. Here you can download a sample file or read instructions on how to format your csv file.

In our case the file is already optimized so there is no need to do this.  

Let's continue. For the customer value, I can add it by a data column to your export file. We're not going to do this in this example. 

We finally arrive at the moment to download our client list. I upload my file, give a name to my audience and a description and validate.  Here you see the data recognized by Facebook. In our case, the email, phone number and date of birth of your clients.

In the column action needed, you can actually match data that has not been recognized automatically. Once this is done, I validate.


Voila! my audience has been created.

Now it's time to create advertising campaigns targeted to your clients and get more sales. It's up to you!

See you soon for another tutorial


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