How to activate authentication in your app

Hello and welcome to your new GoodBarber tutorial! 

Today we're going to talk about an add-on that can give a whole new dimension to your app: the Authentication add-on.

It allows you to authorize access to all or part of your app to users with a user profile.

Once the add-on is added, several new features will be available in the back-office.

First of all : two new sections have been added:

- Log box: which corresponds to what your users will see when they register/login to the app.
It can't be moved within the list of sections, it always remains at the top of that list. This has no impact on the global menu of the app, as it is not a real page, but a level before accessing the content. 

- Profile: This is what your users will see when they view theirs or another profile.

So, I will design my Profile section quickly.

The other new feature that has appeared when adding the add-ons is the new USERS menu.

Here I have 4 submenus.

The first one: List.

Here you will find the list of registered users in your application. This list gives you some information about your users.
- Change the information of a user by clicking on his name,
- Add a user directly from the back office using this button.

Then Public/Private:

Here you can decide whether the user has to log in to access the whole app or only to access specific pages.
The status is indicated by the red "Private" or green "Public" button. 
By default, the entire app is private. 

Other menu: Import:

This menu allows you to import a list of users to your application from a CSV file.

Finally the Settings menu.

Here we find 3 different tabs.

In the Login/registration tab: I can already choose whether or not to allow users to register in the app.

Also if I allow users to enter the app without registering.

Then I enter the text that will be displayed to the users whose access is restricted.

The second tab is dedicated to the User Profile settings.

Adding an avatar, links to social profiles, push history, etc. everything you need to customize the User Profile.

Then I can define the fields that will be displayed in the profile.

Save and it's done!

Last tab: external services.

This is where you can activate the login via Twitter or Facebook!

you now know how to activate the authentication in your app! 

See you soon for another tutorial ! 

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