How to add a user list to your app

Hello and welcome to your new GoodBarber tutorial! 

Today we talk about a very complementary add-on to the authentication and chat add-ons: the Community add-on.

It allows your users to view in the app the list of registered users. 

After adding this add'on, a new section appears in the menu My app > Content > Sections

Within the settings of the section, I can:

- Activate the search engine for this user section
- Add filters to choose which user group(s) will be displayed in this section
- Set where this section will be placed in your app structure.
- Make the section private
- Unpublish section
- Edit the url of the section page

Now I will quickly design my section.

There are several views.

User list:

I choose the template, the colors. 

I decide if I enable or disable the map view.

Activating the classification tabs and their design.

almost done.

Now the Public Profile view.

And that's it! 

That's what it looks like on the user side! 

you Now know how to add a user list to your app.

See you soon for another tutorial !

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