How to create user groups

Hello and welcome to your new GoodBarber tutorial 

Today we will learn how to use an add-on related to authentication: the User Groups add-on.

It allows you to manage your users by customizing the access rights to the sections of your app.

After activating the add-ons, no new menu but a new feature in the menu Users > List.

You see this new field Groups?

By clicking on it I can create my groups.

This is where I can manage them, and view the list of groups already created.

Now I just have to distribute my users in my groups.

A user can belong to several groups at the same time.

Once my groups are filled, I can define the access rights of each group.

From the menu Users > Public/Private.

By default, access to private sections is set to "All groups".

Click on the "+" sign

Select the group to which you want to give access to private content (whether the entire appor one or more sections of the app).

It is possible to allow access to this private content to several groups at the same time. 

And voila!

Don't forget that you also have the possibility to use groups to target your users in sending your push notifications.

you Now know how to create and manage user groups! 

See you soon for another tutorial! 

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