Time slots

Allow your clients to select their delivery or pickup time

Convenience and flexibility for your clients

Allow your clients to select a specific time slot for their delivery and pick-up

During checkout, when your clients select your local delivery option or in-store pick-up, they will be able to choose among the different time slots available.

Opening hours of your shop

Define shop opening, delivery and pickup times

Set the days and hours of operation of your shop.

Advanced settings to help you manage your prep time

Give yourself the time to organize your deliveries and pickup orders.

Not only allow yourself a minimum time between each delivery or pick-up but also set their frequency and number allowed per day and per time slots.

View all your upcoming deliveries in one list

Detailed order list

In the order list, you will now see a new column identifying the delivery time selected by the client.This info is also available in each client order detailed page