How to submit my app to Google Play?

Written by on Tuesday, May 31st 2016

How to submit my app to Google Play?
You have tested your app through and through? If the answer is yes, congratulations, you can start the publication process of your Beautiful App. In this post, we'll focus on the submission of your app to Google Play.  If you are already familiar with how to open a publisher account on Google Play simply move on to the next paragraph, if not, read through our post on how to create your Google developer account first. 

How to submit my app to Google Play?
If your Publisher account is already created, you just need to validate your app from your GoodBarber backend to begin the process. To do so, simply click on the "Yes, submit to the stores" button. Note that : This will lock your back office until the app is approved and published on the stores ➡️

After you click on validate, you will be redirected to a page where you can download the binary file of your app, the .apk to submit to the Play Store, along with automatically generated screenshots of your app and your app icon. Use them to create the profile of your app over on the Play Store (you can, of course, choose to add your own graphic elements during the submission process). 

After you click on "Next step", in a separate browser window, open your Google Play Developer console: and proceed to Step 1.

Step 1 : upload your .apk production file

This is the step where you import the .apk production file downloaded from your GoodBarber back office. If you are publishing the first version of your app, once the upload is complete the version number should be 1.0 in your developer console, and the field APK file on the top left menu will have a green stamp.

Step 2 : fill in the Play Store information

This is the step where you register the information that will be displayed on Google Play, that includes mandatory information such as:
  • The title, description, screenshots (at least 2) and icon of your app
  • Its classification, the type of application, the category, the content rating.
    You will also be asked to provide a website URL as well as an email address. This contact information will be displayed on your app profile on the store.
  • Confidentiality rules (if you do not have a URL to submit, you can click on the box "I don't have any URL about confidentiality rules").

You can add extra information on top of the mandatory elements. The field "Recent changes" for instance, will be used when committing an update of your Android app. You can also submit a video along with the screenshots, to better introduce your app and increase your number of app downloads

Step 3 : the pricing and availability

This is the step where you register your app as a free or paying app, and choose the countries of distribution. Attention: once an application is published on Google Play, these settings cannot be changed.
  • Pricing: determine whether your app will be downloaded for free or for a price, determined by you. If you decide to sell your app for a fee, you will be requested to create a Merchant Account.
  • Countries : select the countries where your app will be distributed. You can choose specific countries or the entire list.
  • Agreement: check (at least) the last 2 boxes.
Save your information by clicking on the top green button. The 3 steps of the submission process should now have a green stamp and the status of your app be "Ready to publish". Click on this button and, in the dropdown list, select "Publish this app".

Your app status is now "Published"! A message in a yellow band on top of the screen confirms that your app is published. And, with a little more patience, it will be available online on Google Play, within the next few hours (24 hours maximum).

How to submit my app to Google Play?
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Could you please tell me how to redeem google play gift card.
Hello Sanket, yes you can add other countries later. When you set up your app in iTunes Connect, by default, it is available worldwide. You are given the option to override that, if you'd like and target specific countries.
"- Distribute in these countries: You can choose to distribute your app in "All countries", or to select specific countries."

If I select a specific country while publishing the app, can I add other countries later? Am I required to publish a new version of app for adding countries or I can simply just add country name and it will start showing in that country?

Thank you very much! :) This blog really helped me while adding my game to Google Play Store.

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