Increase your visibility with the RSS Feed Maps extension


After the RSS Feed extensions for Articles and Videos , we just released the RSS feed Map.

This feature allows a simple and optimal distribution of your content, by making your app's map appear on external platforms. Your content feed is automatically generated and updated: you just have to choose the platform on which you want to broadcast it and integrate the link available in your GoodBarber back office.

Thanks to RSS feeds, you will be able to develop new distribution strategies for the key locations of your app. Add your map to your own external sites to increase your visibility to existing users; or negotiate a presence on blogs, or sites related to your field, to conquer a new audience. 

How to install the extension in your app back office?

For the Maps section of your app, two types of feeds can be generated, one in the traditional RSS format, and the other in the KML format, in the same way as the files generated on Google Maps. 

In your app back office, from the Extensions Store, search the RSS feed Map extension and click on "Install". This will automatically create a new menu "My RSS feeds". In this new menu, you will manage all the syndication feeds generated for your app's M-CMS sections.  
Select the maps you want to share on other platforms by switching the toggle of the status.
You can now integrate your RSS feed Map into your own external platforms.