The App Developer's Dictionary Volume II: Creating the App


After our App Developer's dictionary Volume I, General Terms, Volume II of the GoodBarber dictionary is dedicated to some basic, common terms you will come across in your back office when creating your app

App Icon

The App Icon is the icon that will be shown in the stores to represent your app.

Home Screen Icon

The icon your users will see on their phones after downloading your app.

Push Icon

This is for Android only, it will be shown when you send notifications to users if they have a phone with Android 5.0 or above.

The horizontal strip at the top of the screen. Usually a title or logo is placed here. There is a general header, and it is also possible to set customized headers for one or more categories.


The area underneath the header (the rest of the screen).

Launch Screen

The first screen the user sees upon launching the app. You can either upload an already made splash screen (custom) or create your own directly from the backend using the Wizard tool.

HTML Section

A flexible tool that can be used for displaying static content in your app. You can choose to either fully customize it yourself (you have to create your own html code) or simply paste the URL of a website in order for the entirety of that website to be displayed. Keep in mind that the second option results in a non-native section in your app, but is nonetheless very useful. Also, be extra careful with external coding, as it needs to follow all the requirements in order to make sure it will work in the native (iOS and Android) versions of your app.


A simple section that allows you to create direct links to actions you would like your users to take. Ex: buttons that lead to specific sections in the app, buttons that make direct phone calls, buttons that open an external link, etc.

API Settings

Advanced settings in your back office that allow you to deeply customize your design. Access to them is included in the Advanced plan, but can be purchased for extra in all plans.
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