The App Developer's Dictionary Volume I : General Terms


Even when using a simplified platform to develop an app, the number of terms and concepts you need to be aware of can be overwhelming. We've compiled a non-exhaustive guide to some of the most common lingo used in the mobile world, also including GoodBarber-specific terms. Part I of the dictionary includes some of the terms often mentioned in our blog articles, as well as in our responses to frequently asked questions. 


"Native" indicates that the app is coded in the language of the device, meaning Java for Android and Objective C for iOS. This allows the app to have access to all of the device's features (camera, GPS, etc.) and is optimally displayed and functioning on whichever device it's running on. This is also why you must be extra careful when using external coding in your GoodBarber app, because you need to make sure it will work properly on both the iOS and Android native versions. 

Adaptive Design

The GoodBarber platform allows for the design of your app to automatically adjust to all types of devices it runs on. No need to create separate versions of your GB app for iPhone, iPad, and Android—you can create your app one time and it will be tailored accordingly to each device. 
This goes for devices within the same "family" as well; the app will adjust itself to display as perfectly on a Galaxy Note as it does on a Galaxy S6, or remodel itself from an iPhone version to an iPad one.  


mCMS stands for Mobile Content Management System. This is content (photos, articles, songs, etc.) that you can create or upload from your back office, as opposed to connecting content from external sources. Ex: uploading and publishing a photo from your computer files vs. displaying a photo via Instagram.

HTML5 Version

This is not a native app, but the web version of your app. It’s a URL that can be accessed on any browser, including desktop, tablets (even ones we don’t support, such as Android), and in any smartphone (again, ones we don’t support such as Windows Phones or BlackBerry).


A software that adds a specific feature to the app. For example, the GoodBarber WordPress plugin allows you to directly connect your WordPress site and have it appear natively in the app. GoodBarber also has a “Plugin” section in which you can create your own, custom plugin if you want to create something we don't offer.

Internal App

Also commonly called a Business App. If you would like to create an app, but have it available for download only to specific users, you must purchase an Apple Enterprise account ($299/year) to be able to distribute the iOS version out of the App Store. For the Android version, you can just distribute the app whichever way you want, you don’t need any specific account or authorization.
Your app won’t be available to the general public in the stores, just the individuals you indicate.


The GoodBarber Reseller program allows you to create unlimited apps for one price. Many agencies use this as an easy, time-saving way to create apps for clients, without the clients ever knowing that they are using an app builder (the GoodBarber brand disappears and is replaced with that of the agency).

Team Member

If you would like to have a team of collaborators who can contribute to your app, you can add “team members” who will have access to your back office. You have the freedom to restrict whichever parts of the back office you’d like, so you have complete control over their access rights.

Alpha Project

If you are a reseller with multiple projects, this is your “primary” account. It is the only one that the GoodBarber brand cannot be removed from, and is usually used for billing or testing purposes.

GoodBarber Takes Care

If you don’t feel like publishing your app to the stores, we can do it for you! It costs an extra $50/app and includes submission to both the App Store and Google Play. It also includes any future resubmissions. However, it doesn’t include the subscription to the Apple or Google Developer programs.
You can find Volume II of our App Developer's Dictionary here: Creating the App.
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