The best features for a Mobile Native App


Hey GoodBarbers, 

Summer is close to its end, days are getting shorter and colder, and flashbacks of the happy summer nights are coming back to our minds as a Beautiful Movie.

Even for us it's time to take a moment to look back on all that has been done, and enjoy all the beautiful features released this year :)

Ready to start?

Social Beautiful Apps

GoodBarber finally became social this year. The first step of a long journey... 

1/. User Authentication
Restrict the access to your app by using the in-app login feature of the User Authentication Add-On and let your user create thier personal profile.

2/. User Groups
Divide your users into groups and target the access to your sections for each particular group.
3/. Community 
Let your users be a community. Show your users on a map and let them know each other by using their public profile.

4/. Advance User research
Do you have a lot of users? Good for you! Don't worry, the Advanced User search engine in your back office will simplify your life :)

5/. User Import / Export
The Import / Export feature will help you to make a backup of your app users.

Content is the juice of a Beautiful App

Apps need to be dynamic and have great UX to attract the users, but it's your content that will convince them to stay.
We never stop creating new connectors for external sources and new elements of our internal CMS. 
It's always more difficult to reply "It's impossible" :)

1/. Songkick
Connect your Songkick calendar to have all your Tour dates inside your app!

2/. QR code reader
The QR code section helps you to be more dynamic with your content. Scan and go!

3/. mCMS Event Calendar
Create a calendar directly from the GoodBarber back office with full detailed descriptions, links, and images...

4/. Facebook Photos
You asked and we coded it! Connect your Facebook page to your app and show your album photo gallery to your mobile users.

5/.  SquareSpace Blog
Are you a SquareSpace fan? Now it's your turn to create a beautiful App!

6/. Gigatools Events

Gigatools is the ultimate promotional tool for artists, band, DJ's, .... Connect it to your app and start promoting all of your upcoming events!

Features and Design

Features and design make your app bright and shining. The details make everything special.

- Native share
Your native app is deeply connected to all the other apps installed on your phone (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, SMS, etc..)

- Rubik Article Template
The new article template (n°7) will give your content a sense of movement and make it more attractive ;) 

- Dropdown Categories Template
Choose a category from the dropdown menu present in the bar at the top of the app, or you can slide from one category to another just using the most powerful tool in the world : Your finger 

- Update Grid Navigation Mode
Bigger Icons. Stunning Header!

- Update Swipe Navigation Mode
Lots of updates that are just waiting for you! Customization over the limits!