The Team’s Top Motivational Songs Playlist


In the weeks leading up to the release of GoodBarber 4.0, as you can imagine, there was quite a bit of animation at our headquarters and other offices, with a war mode, which consisted of daily stand up meetings, to perk us up in the morning and send us off with a boost in the evening as we watched the to do list shrink one or several tasks (striiiike) at a time!
Beyond this work organization, gearing up for the launch of the new version of our product also consisted in one too many cups of coffees and… music! Now, if you ever come visit us at the Campus Plex (our HQ) or caught a glimpse of our daily meetings (on Instagram maybe) which always include remote team members, you will see that headphones are a constant accessory around the office, for concentration mostly and, at times, like before the release, for motivation of course! 

So, without further ado, we thought you might enjoy a different take on what it took to build the V4, with a (non-exhaustive) list of some of the tunes which our team blasted throughout these intense weeks to keep up with a demanding schedule!

And the winner is: rock 'n' roll

Muriel, Product Manager
Naive, The Kooks

Hazal, Country Manager, Turkey
Highway Star, Deep Purple

Pierre-Laurent, Developer
Highway to Hell, AC/DC  

Sergio, Lead Android Developer
Lonely boy, The Black Keys
Jeff, Developer

Mathieu, Support
Fire (Live at the BRIT Awards 2011), Kasabian

Michele, Country Manager, Italy
Born to run, Bruce Springsteen

And now the medley!

Jiann, Account Manager
Believer, Imagine Dragons

Sara, Country Manager, Spain
All Night, Crystal Fighters

Joao, Country Manager, Brazil
Busy Earnin', Jungle 
Marie-Julie, Designer
Histoire d’un mec, Doc Gyneco

Mathieu, Lead iOS Developer
Naha, PNL

Flo, Developer
Mask off, Future
Jean-Paul, Support
Cloud 9 (Fred Falke Remix), Jamiroquai

Lesia, Product Owner
Chloé (Dj & music producer)

Natacha, iOS Developer
Tuesday ft. Danelle Sandoval, Burak Yeter  
We hope our playlist will keep you company when you need a bit of #motivation yourself! And, in the meantime, you can also listen to it while discovering what's new with GoodBarber 4.0:
- The Modular Home
- The Menu and Secondary Navigation