Key features

All the features you need to take your retail shop to the next level


Multiple payment options

Reach a wider audience with various online and offline payment options. Accept card payments by connecting to your Stripe account. Activate PayPal to receive payment faster. With Digital wallets (Apple Pay), payment is done in one-click.


Product Import/Export

Import an unlimited number of products in one click. Export your products in a format that can be re-used by your partners or in your app.

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Sales optimisation tools

All the tools you need to optimize the ordering process and reduce abandoned orders thanks to our add-ons Abandoned recovery, buy again, cart popup reminder, quick buy button


Push notification

Customizable, automatic notifications and emails are sent to your clients at each stage of the ordering process.



Enhance your app with a blog: showcase your products under a different angle and increase your chances to be more visible on search engines.

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Reward your loyal clients with discounts or encourage their first purchase. Build loyalty around your brand and boost your conversion rate.


Loyalty program

Offer your customers a loyalty card enabling them to save money. You'll boost customer satisfaction and encourage repeat purchases.

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Create your Beautiful Shopping app

Choose among our 30 beautiful themes, customize your online store without coding

logo augustin

LEONIE a GoodBarber theme

Made with GoodBarberLogo Goodbarber white
logo leonie

URBAN SHANGO a GoodBarber theme

Made with GoodBarberLogo Goodbarber white
logo celestino

METEK a GoodBarber theme

Made with GoodBarberLogo Goodbarber white
logo celestino

GUSTOSO a GoodBarber theme

Made with GoodBarberLogo Goodbarber white

Easily create an app to compete with the big brands

Simply. No code required

Sales optimisation tools

Reduce abandoned orders, improve the ordering process thanks to eCommerce extensions


Abandoned orders

Never lose an order again! Recover by email and push notification clients who have initiated an order without having finalized it.

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Cart popup reminder

When a client returns to your app and their cart contains items from a previous visit, a popup is displayed allowing them to directly access the checkout

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Buy Again

Your clients can renew an order with one simple click. The "Buy again" button allows them to add to the cart all the products from an existing order with one click

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Quick Buy button

Your clients can easily add products to their cart from the Home page (product list widget) or while browsing a collection. They never have to leave the page they’re browsing

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Deliver the best customer experience on mobile

Integrated features boosting your conversion rate

Product variants

Offer your clients several options of the same product. perfect for fashion or home decor boutiques

Variantes de produits
Quick Buy button

Your clients order easily from a product list without ever leaving the page they're browsing

Achat rapide
Auto Login

With integrated login, your customers identify themselves only once. then, they are immediately recognised each time the app is launched. The best way to match their expectations

Login automatique
Buy again

Order easily from a product list without ever leaving the page they’re browsing.

Acheter à nouveau
One-Click CheckOut

With Digital Wallets, the most efficient Checkout on the Web, optimise your client experience and boost your conversion rate.

Paiement en 1 clic
Cart popup reminder

When a client returns to your app and their cart contains items from a previous visit, a popup is displayed allowing them to directly access the checkout

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A complete eCommerce platform

The one-stop-shop app

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Why your business needs an app?

The best way to convert and build loyalty


Shopping Apps convert 3x more than responsive websites

Retailers who have an app are a step ahead as their app converts 3 times more than their website*. More satisfying UI, easier and faster checkout, optimized navigation increase the percentage of users who complete their purchase leading to higher conversion and cart average.


Shopping Apps Increase Client loyalty

Mobile app users are twice likely to return to your shop within 30 days compared to a website. Marketing tools using the phone built-in features offer the opportunity to engage your clients and built loyalty. (push notifications, email)


Clients prefer Shopping Apps

70% of clients prefer shopping apps* . Shopping apps offer more convenience, speed and stored settings: your clients can easily resume their shopping where they left off.


Be at your best on every device

Ensure your visibility on any sales channel and device


App Store and Google Play

Native app development ensure that your Shopping App is built for iOS and Android devices. Your app benefits from GoodBarber expertise in Native Apps and eCommerce app building. Your App will be available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Your app benefits from the App Store Optimization (ASO) and client reviews.


PWA: On the Web

Perfect complement to Native Apps, Progressive Web App (PWA) offer a multiplatform interface to your users: they can access your online shopping website no matter their device. PWA also benefit of the traditional SEO indexing.


Are you ready for the best shopping experience on mobile ?

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    Designed for mobile

    Deliver the best user experience on eCommerce: seamless navigation, speed, one-click payment, notifications

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    One-Stop-Shop eCommerce Platform

    Manage your PWA, Android & iOS apps from a unique back-office & benefit from complete eCommerce features.

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    Instant Time to Market

    No coding skills, no expert evaluation, no hidden process. You may begin your app immediately.

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    Starting as low as $40/month

    We offer the best value-added of the market. For a very competitive monthly fee.

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    You're Safe

    We manage the technical part. Continuous innovation included!

Starting as low as $40/month
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